Academics and Training

Recognized for the last 2 years for DNB Gastroenterology by National Board of Examinations

First academic program center recognized for DNB Gastroenterology – 2 posts

1-year post-doctoral fellowship in advanced GI Endoscopy recognized by MUHS – 2 posts for Gastroenterologists who have done DM or DNB or surgeons with 3 years’ experience in GI Endoscopy
- 3 monthly rotation in luminal interventions, EUS & ERCP

  • Third Space Endoscopy (POEM/STER/G-POEM/D-POEM)
  • Bariatric Endoscopy (Balloon placement, endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty)
  • Advanced interventional EUS (Hepatico Gastrostomy/Pancreatico Gastrostomy/EUS guided GJ/EUS guided GB drainage)

1-year post-doctoral fellowship in flexible endoscopic surgery Learning the techniques of:

  • Endoscopic resection and dissection of early GI Cancers (EMR/ESD)
  • Endoscopic anti reflux therapy for GERD (ARMS/GERDx)

Short term training courses in upper GI and lower GI endoscopy: 15 days – 30 days. For surgeons wanting to develop further skills in flexible upper GI and lower GI Endoscopy

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